7 out of 8 people think this is ugly*

the fence was gone the day after i posted my entry. it's been replaced with a standard issue rental fence. no cool factor about it - it's blue and metal and cagey looking. the one they took down, this one, is probably piled up in some lonely corner on the site....awaiting it's transport to the dump. i'm really glad i got the pix that i did. now i wish i took more!

so it's nearing the end of september (seriously?) and i'm in the third week of my master's program. it's all still a little vague. so far i've been doing a ton of reading. last week i was neck deep in a language i don't understand...(oh, maybe you're thinking...latin...spanish...japanese!)

oh no. statistics! yes. after thirty years of getting by without an iota of knowledge on the topic, i was introduced to the concept of statistical analysis in one very poorly written chapter in my textbook on educational research. i emerged feeling defeated and a little weary. upon requesting the assistance of my scientifically gifted other half (who i assumed would "get" what they were illustrating) i felt better. he had never seen a "stem-and-leaf display" either (this is when you plot your numbers (which they called 'leaves') on a graph, (which i think was the stem). what?!
i think the most it had going for itself was aesthetic interest!

your friend always,

*numbers may have been completely invented to suit the nature of this entry.

everyday ideas

about this blog

i used to have this blog.
now i have this blog.

i thought
i'd like to start over, but not all over, because that's not the way life works.

i figured it out. i'm an artist.
it's what my mom used always say
when i did something unfathomably unpredictable.

in Polish
"ty naprawde jestesz artytska"
-you truly are an artist.

oh. ok then. let's just go with that - come what may.

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