the barns (but no chickens)


i'm loving the colours and textures of this fence. it's long & surrounds a progressing development in my neighbourhood called the green arts barns - which is going to be a pretty fantastic environment when it's all finished. the whole thing is a conversion of old, unused ttc "barns" (ttc, for those not in the loop, stands for toronto transit commission) - this is where the ttc housed streetcars & buses - those that needed repair and those that were being tested for safety, or some such reasons.

i guess the space sat unused for a long time once it was no longer needed. so, artscape bought the land and the buildings, and are now turning everything into a magnificent cultural space! they've retained the old structures (catherdral like heights!) and are transforming them into spaces for independent artist studios and for non-profit organizations. i think the very popular "toronto school of art" is going to have a satellite space for classes. to top it off, there's going to be a massive greenhouse, and who knows what else!

i've been living in this neighbourhood for eight years, and the worst thing is that while the barns are coming in, i'm itching to leave, to live and be inspired in a new place. who knows, we might be on our way out just as this fence is coming down.

i'm already feeling a pang of regret.

your friend always,

nb. just noticed that the old name of the project,
green arts barns, has been changed to artscape wychwood barns... which reflects the name of the neighbourhood they are in, and of course, the company that put up the bill$ to renovate!

everyday ideas

about this blog

i used to have this blog.
now i have this blog.

i thought
i'd like to start over, but not all over, because that's not the way life works.

i figured it out. i'm an artist.
it's what my mom used always say
when i did something unfathomably unpredictable.

in Polish
"ty naprawde jestesz artytska"
-you truly are an artist.

oh. ok then. let's just go with that - come what may.

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