what kinda tea do you want?

it's days like today that i'm walking around & i catch my reflection and wonder where it is i'm going.
it's days like today that don't tell me much about tomorrow.
it's days like today that go by and i will likely never be able to recollect what i did, where i went, what i was wearing, the words i said and to whom i said them.

unless i write today down.

funny, isn't it? if i do that, if i write it down, even in a few words, i will likely be able to conjure up this day in some form. maybe always.

here it goes:
navy slim pants and bulky joe fresh top, morning french vanilla coffee, GA meeting, noticing his art, class, ate my grapes, choked back tears (in class), spoke in class, left class and caught the bus home. parked my bike and asked my neighbour about the case of the mysterious kitty disappearance. creamy avocado and emmantel cheese sandwich, escaped to the mall only to catch many reflections of a woman and not much else, and came home disappointed because of the time i wasted. lovely dutch inspired cookery for dinner, insane credit card payment and now this.

do i really need to remember? i guess i thought i'd try.

your friend always,

everyday ideas

about this blog

i used to have this blog.
now i have this blog.

i thought
i'd like to start over, but not all over, because that's not the way life works.

i figured it out. i'm an artist.
it's what my mom used always say
when i did something unfathomably unpredictable.

in Polish
"ty naprawde jestesz artytska"
-you truly are an artist.

oh. ok then. let's just go with that - come what may.

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