art in the gardens


i have an assignment. i have to choose a place that would be suitable to take an intermediate art class for an afternoon...or a daytrip. i chose the royal botanical gardens just outside toronto. this was a purely selfish decision on my part, and now i have to find a way to sell the idea to my prof. not that the trip wouldn't be interesting for's just that i can imagine them maybe snickering at a sculpture like this, or worse...getting lost in the labyrinth. i'm not sure this is the right place to take an intermediate class (12 to 15 yr olds)...senior students, sure. i don't know anything about organizing field trips. i just followed my gut and it led me to the gardens. i'll just make it work.

isn't this sculpture lovely?

by the way, i'm on the hunt for a decent name. i don't know what to sign off with. i was akula (but now that i ended that blog, it seems unfitting), and i'd prefer not to use my real name. *mo is a temporary placeholder because i can't come up with something more creative. anyway...i'm not terribly concerned or anything. really, i do have other things to spend time thinking about!

your friend always,

everyday ideas

about this blog

i used to have this blog.
now i have this blog.

i thought
i'd like to start over, but not all over, because that's not the way life works.

i figured it out. i'm an artist.
it's what my mom used always say
when i did something unfathomably unpredictable.

in Polish
"ty naprawde jestesz artytska"
-you truly are an artist.

oh. ok then. let's just go with that - come what may.

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